Come Back My Friend

You’re a beacon in my darkest thoughts
And I loved you so with all your wants
All your poetry in rainbow shape
I’m so glad I got from what you gave

Through the latest years we worried, so
maybe that is why we let you go
But our love is true and lasting, dear
You will never leave our atmosphere

Come back my friend
with your soul
We’ll be one
and the music we play will be great
Come back again
with your soul
We’ll have fun
and you know we’ll be jamming ‘til late

Some may choose to se what you did wrong
but to me you were a source so strong
You told me never to compare myself
and that it’s good to be like noone else

I’m your sister through eternity
You have made yourself a part of me
I will keep the music simple, friend
Come on back and play it once again

And the musi