Kid, where you come from
the earth and the towns are all made of gold
Princesses and sultans
there they rule; sometimes just, sometimes cruel

Now you’re true
Now you’re lost
And you heart ‘s pounding fast

Home is where the heart is
Even when it’s parted
Home is where the heart is
and you are doublehearted

Sounds that hold secrets
and faces that you don’t know
Still you do belong here
and you long for it when you are gone

Now you’re torn
and complete
And you cry to the beat

Anywhere you go
you can make a home
Prosper in the snow
You’re the seed
You make it grow

( You’re the blood in my vains
You’re my pride and my shame
You’re my truth, bound to change
and the sound of my name
You’re the snow and the rain
and the sun a