Who Says This Is Love

how come I feel so bad
and still I’m looking for tears?
the sun has been out all week
the weeks they all seem like years
still I would not undo
what I have done, because it’s right

I wish I’d never learned
the things that I know today
but I’ve been touched and I
will never be the same
we’re in a lonely spot
because we are saving our souls

and who says this is

who says this is love?
I say this is pain
we don’t need to go on
fighting shame with shame
and if you hate me now
you don’t know that I’m good
and that I’ve taken on
a lot more than I need

I did the dirty work
and now I’m using the gun
almighty universe!
I know my will will be done
I’m in a lonely spot
because I am saving my soul

and who says this is

so let there