You Don't Wanna Know Me

you don't wanna know me

You pull me close, you hold me tight
and say all of yours is mine tonight
give all of mine, what's on my mind to you.

You wanna dive into my maze
and get beyond that foggy haze.
You wanna know the mysteries of me.

I really do appreciate
the way you treat me like a "mate"
before you try to get me into bed.
But I'm no longer drunk and blind
and judge upon your state of mind
that you would last no longer if I spoke

You don't wanna know me
You don't wanna know me well
Cause if you really knew me
you'd know just how I felt

And everybody wants meat
but nobody wants it raw
You might think you can take it
but you don't know what you've got in store

You wanna feel so right and strong
(You feel so right, you feel so strong)
You only want to carry on
and nothing I would say could