Slow Dancing, French Kissing

slow dancing, french kissing

Slow dancing, french kissing...
Baby, do you comprehend
what you’re missing?
My intensions shine bright:
yes, I want to
take you home with me tonight

Worked so hard to get you
Don’t be shy to try
I’m gonna let you
Remember how we did it?
Is it really true
you wanna quit it?

Here’s the hand that you shook
And here’s the flesh that you took
Don’t look the way that you look
Come with me
or let me off the hook

If you’re into repetition
you can put your name
upon my cushion
I’m open like the sky
and I’d like you
to get down with me and fly

Look me in the eyes
and say you wanna quit it
That you don’t remember
the way that we did it